Pet Grooming Services

Quality and variety are the cornerstones of our business and we are continually adding quality offerings to our menu of services to the delight of our customers. We want to be a one-stop shop at what we do so our customers can relax reassured that we will take care of all their needs end-to-end. Many of our services have evolved based on feedback from our customers and inspired imagination from our employees. If you do not find something you need, ask us, we may do it just for you!

All grooms include nail trimming and file, ear plucking, cleaning anal glands, bath, brush and blow dry.

Palm Harbor Mobile Service

Mobile Service

If you can't make it to a pet salon, don't sweat it! For the convenience of both you and your pet, Angie's Mobile Pet Styling offers mobile service that brings all the grooming services you need to your own home. Angie's grooming truck has full tanks of warm water, a comfortable tub and trim station, a full supply of grooming products and equipment, and of course, the premier groomer in Palm Harbor to help your pet look (and smell) their best!

Palm Harbor Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming

It's no secret that cats are not fans of water. Instead of suffering through scratches, thrashing, and heartbreaking whines every time you need to give fluffy a bath, bring your feline friend to Angie's Mobile Pet Styling instead and let Angie handle the hard part. She strives every day to provide comfortable service to all the cats she grooms, with all the attention, affection, and tasty treats that they deserve.

Palm Harbor Nail Trim

Nail Trim

You chose to show your pet immense kindness by not having him or her declawed. But instead of dealing with endless scratches, risks to your floors or furniture, or uncomfortable at-home trimming, let Angie give your pet a relaxing "paw-decure." In a low-stress environment, she will trim and file your pet's claws down farther than most pet owners cut on their own, all without hurting your beloved furry baby.

Palm Harbor Fur Trim

Fur Trim

From poodle cuts, to lion manes, full haircuts, to just a little fuzz control, Angie offers a wide range of fur trim and styling services customized specifically to fit your pet's needs. Her number one mission is to get your pet looking stylish and adorable, no matter their size, shape, or type of fur.

Palm Harbor Pet Baths

Pet Baths

Do you have trouble trying (or failing) to give Spot or Fluffy a bath at home? Save yourself the mess and stress, and let Angie do it instead! She provides warm, relaxing pet baths with quality pet-safe shampoo and coat-treatment products.

Palm Harbor De-Matting


If your pet has long fur that becomes matted, you know what a pain it can be for everyone involved when you try to remove the tangles. Instead of handling such a big job yourself, let Angie take care of this hairy business. She charges low rates by the minute, so you'll only have to pay for as many mats as she removes. For best results, she recommends pairing our de-matting service with a pet bath and shampoo, for clean fur that's easy to manage.

Palm Harbor Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning

An important but often overlooked aspect of your pet's hygiene is the state of their teeth and mouth. Angie will gently brush away plaque, tartar, and bacteria, sparing your pet from bad breath, tooth decay, and gingivitis. It's a simple yet effective investment you can make for the lifelong health of your beloved animal.


These prices are starting points and could be more depending on the type of cut and the condition of the coat.

Australian Shepherd haircut 75
bath and brush 65

Border Collie haircut 75
bath and brush 65

Collie haircut 90
bath and brush 85

German Shepherd bath and brush 65

Mini Australian Shepherd haircut 65
bath and brush 60

Shetland Sheep Dog haircut 65
bath and brush 60

Basset Hound bath 50

Dachshund bath 45

Brussels Griffon haircut 60

Cavalier King Charles haircut 60
bath and brush 50

Chihuahua bath 40

Havanese haircut 60

Japanese Chin bath and brush 50

Maltese haircut 60

Miniature Pincer bath 45

Pekingese bath and brush 50
haircut 60

Pomeranian haircut 60
bath and brush 50

Poodle haircut 60

Pug bath 45

Shih Tzu haircut 60

Yorkshire Terrier haircut 60

American Eskimo haircut 70
bath and brush 60

Bichon Fries haircut 60

Boston Terrier bath 45

Chow Chow haircut 85
bath and brush 85

Lhasa Apso haircut 65

Cocker Spaniel haircut 70

Springer Spaniel haircut 75

Golden Retriever bath and brush 70
haircut 75

Labrador Retriever haircut 75 bath and brush 65

Airedale Terrier haircut 85

Cairn Terrier haircut 60

Schnauzer haircut 60

Scottish Terrier haircut 60

Wire Fox Terrier haircut 60

West Highland White Terrier haircut 60

Siberian Husky bath and brush 75

Cat haircut 75 bath and brush 60